Highly accurate classification

Automatic classification tools can provide more than 90% accurate result from airborne lidar data.

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Ready to use 3D maps

Good quality and up-to-data 3D maps are provided by combining lidar and 2D maps.

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Customized 3D service

Tools and IT systems are provided for users to easily apply the 3D models based on needs.

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输入. We use airborne lidar data for the aim of 3D city modelling. If available, 2D maps are as well used to improve modelling accuracy and consistence between 2D maps and 3D models.

快速编辑. The advanced technology we developed enables us to to reconstruct 3D city models very quickly and accurately. After classification, lidar points are classified into buildings, trees, ground, each type is then modeled respectively.

数据覆盖. If lidar data is available, we can reconstruct the 3D city models for any place within a short time for your projects. Now we have already modeled three Dutch cities, The Hague, Enschede, and Leiden. Those models are already available for applications, and meanwhile increasing dutch cities are under processing.